New 2016 Requirement for all Alaska Archery Hunts

For the remainder of 2015, Bowhunters in hunts restricted to archery only must carry their IBEP or equivalent department approved certification card on them while archery hunting in the field, and must show their card to peace officers and department employees upon request.

Beginning July 1, 2016, all big game hunters using archery will be required to have successfully completed a department approved certification course.

In addition to the basic hunter education certification, the Division of Wildlife Conservation offers Alaskan […]

U.S. Hunters No Longer Required to Register With IRS to Take Personal Firearms on International Hunts

April 23rd, 2015

Senator Secures CBP’s Commitment to Return to Previous Travel Forms

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator John Hoeven, chairman of the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Committee, today announced that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will no longer require U.S hunters traveling internationally to obtain an IRS identification number in order to bring personal weapons on hunting trips outside the U.S.  At a meeting early Wednesday with U.S. CBP Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske, Hoeven […]

The Role of Professional Booking Agents


• What is a professional booking agent?
• What does he do for hunters and fishermen?
• Is there any advantage to your using one?
• Is there any downside with using one?
• What should you look for in an agent?
• Who pays the agent?
These are just a few of the many questions I have […]

Defense of Hunting

As a grandfather, husband for 48 years, devoted lover of kids and dogs and wildlife, I think there is a bit more to the picture. Non-hunters often think we love to kill things- and I agree that we hunters are at fault for not trying to show folks that there is a lot more to understand. I beg you to take a few moments to read this. I think you will find it thought provoking.

I […]

Wisconsin # 257- Paradise Found

Wisconsin # 257- Paradise Found
Corporate Retreat- Inspire Your Team

Nothing bonds co-workers better than working together in the great outdoors. We’ll help you set up the perfect set of activities for your group.
This top notch facility is a complete destination for groups whether large or small. They will provide the environment to regenerate and inspire. The overall experience is a reward in and of itself and the meeting facilities includes the newly renovated Great Room featuring […]

Maine Fishing and Bird Hunting Paradise

Maine Fishing and Bird Hunting Paradise
Have you ever wanted to get away and explore the many outdoor opportunities that a lodge in Maine has to offer? Fishing for landlocked salmon, lake trout, smallmouth bass and perch are just a few activities being offered at this authentic lodge in Maine. Combine that with canoeing, kayaking, swimming and hiking and you have the perfect vacation for your employees.

The lodge has the finest in group accommodations. […]

Peacock Bass in the Amazon

Peacock Bass in the Amazon
If peacock bass fishing in the Amazon interests you, here’s what to expect. Imagine waking up on your 125 foot long yacht, listening to two tribes of howler monkeys screaming at one another at first light. See the morning’s red sun climbing into the sky. You remember falling into a peaceful sleep as a muffled generator purred and as water lapped against your mothership, all while you are resting in your […]

A Primer For Traveling to Mexico


My most recent trip to Mexico confirmed my long held view that most foreign travel is relatively trouble free, PROVIDED you have the right documentation and PROVIDED that you have paid attention to the rules for importing firearms into a foreign country and for exporting your game.

Remember, that is what you are doing, you are bringing in a dangerous weapon into a foreign country with a different form of government.. […]

Trip Insurance- Worth The Investment

Trip Insurance
As an experienced hunter, you recognize the wide-ranging expectations, planning, and financial costs that accompany your desire to achieve your personal best. However, in our ever-changing world of uncertainty, your commitment at such a high level exposes you to many financial and physical risks.
Top 10 Reasons to Purchase Sportsman’s Travel Insurance
1. You could lose money you’ve invested for your trip, such as nonrefundable deposits, if bad weather conditions cause delay or cancellation of your […]

Zambia Lifts Ban On Hunting


Washington D.C. – Today, Zambian Tourism and Arts Minister, Jean Kapata, announced that the ban on hunting, which was enacted in January 2013, has been lifted. Safari Club International (SCI) and SCI Foundation maintained that the ban was counter-productive to the conservation needs of Zambia, and today’s decision should be heralded as a win for sustainable-use conservation.

“SCI and SCI Foundation commend Minister Kapata on his decision,” said SCI Foundation Joe […]